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    Vetted Security Token Offerings.

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    Vetted Security Token Offerings.

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    Vetted Security Token Offerings.

Welcome to the Direxct Investment Platform

We know this may be new technology to you and people will have varying degrees of how much they understand. We will provide the guidance necessary to ensure your comfort in making an informed investment decision.

How It Works


As a potential investor, you start by identifying an investment of interest through our "Offerings".


You then register as a member of Direxct with simply a name and email address....As a member you receive more detailed information related to the "Offerings'' and also get added support through our Onboarding Customer Service. .

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Once you are comfortable making an informed investment decision, you click the "Ready To Invest" button...., where you will then fill out a client profile to insure our mutual protection. Once approved, you will be guided to your personal investment portal which will allow you to choose and explain the level of your funding commitment. You are then declared a property owner and given a dashboard to oversee and navigate your investment portfolio- exciting !

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