0.00025% FUNDED $1.5 OF $600000

Expected IRR


Equity Multiple


Expected Holding period

3 years

Minimum Investment


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Cashoffer LP (“ Cashoffer”, the Project”, or the Portfolio”) offers investors the opportunity to immediately deploy capital into the acquisition of, high-yielding residential real estate in Western Canada at an opportune time in the market. This fund is the combination of the Managing Partner's (AJ Hazzi) two decades of experience as an investor, realtor and leader. Cashoffer LP utilizes AJ's infrastructure to execute the most profitable strategies in both a diversified, and appropriately leveraged portfolio of real estate investments.


The Fund offers the following key attributes: ● The project offers investors the ability to invest alongside established Sponsor AJ Hazzi, an experienced, award winning real estate investor, developer, Owner of Vantage West Realty Inc and President of the Kelowna Real Estate Investment Network Chapter. ● A chance for investors to purchase real estate at a significant discount (10-13%) through the marketing of a website ● Investors receive predetermined capital gain by exiting properties utilizing rent to own program on predetermined timeline (2-3 years) With 4:1 leverage, the equity growth will be 100% during the option period ● A chance to experience a leveraged rate of return without the need to borrow or seek financing ● Sponsor will personally guarantee loans when necessary. Investors will not be required to contribute additional capital beyond their initial equity investment ● The chance to profit from value adding improvements, using the GP’s in house contracting company to create forced appreciation, and increased equity. (Expected 100% return on all capital deployed for renovations) ● Ability to experience enhanced cash-flow through the higher rent payments received through rent to own program (typically 20% higher than rent) ● The chance to empower aspiring homeowners with a stepping stone into home ownership through offering the portfolio’s properties on a rent to own program ● Enjoy better security through, purchasing at a margin of safety, collecting non refundable deposits (approx 5%) from tenant buyers which will accrue and become a 7 figure contingency fund, and deferring all maintenance costs to the tenant buyer per rent to own agreement. ● A chance to capitalize on the occasional lucrative flipping or development opportunity that the sponsor comes across during his day to day operation of Vantage West Realty Inc. (The fund will allocate no more than 10-20% of the funds capital towards speculative projects) ● A chance to invest using corporate dollars and create tax efficiency.

Management Team

Cash Offer

AJ Hazzi

GP and Managing Partner

Owner of Vantage Realty

Troy Howell

Founding LP/ Head of R&D

Founder of Direxct (Digital Real Estate Exchange Technology)

Aaron Dow

Legal Counsel

Parnter at Farris Law

Brad Levang


Certified Accountant and partnership's in-house Controller